The Budapest Corvinus University organized a two-day program for first-year master’s students in economics as part of the International Communication course, which served not only as a mandatory element but also as a professional team-building activity within the field. Students were given practical tasks aimed at ensuring that by the end of the two days, everyone could communicate with each other at least once within the team. Among the six modules, the most memorable moments included: three-minute lightning presentations on topics such as how to relate everything to your horoscope, the three best excuses for not completing homework, or how to get out of doing the dishes; designing CSR campaigns for a wedding planner, a coffee shop, or a wellness spa; conflict resolution between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West regarding North West’s Halloween costume, hypothetical scenarios like a joint vacation for Joe Biden and Donald Trump, or whether Zendaya and Tom Holland should attend a Beyoncé concert; innovative entrepreneurial ideas for Disney, AirBnB, and Burger King involving treasure hunts, secret underground doors, and fortune cookies; and serious debates on topics such as the rights of nature, universal basic income, social credit systems, banning smoking, and the migration of digital nations to the metaverse.

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